Can God Be Saved?

Natural selection is surely so obvious that it hardly needs 'proof.'

However, 'God' is unquestionably the best idea that mankind has ever come up with and it remains so, but only if kept simple. Once the idea is tampered with in the slightest it gets elaborated into religions and their fractious subdivisions; it is then no longer pure and simple, but becomes a principal motif of endless mischief, including nonsense about a personal creator.

The practical relevance of the idea ‘God’ can only be direct, that is, not in a manner that anyone can try to reason out. The attempt gives rise to useless argument.

This is why so many are giving up on the idea. The trouble is, they don’t give up properly. Adopting the attitude, ‘I can’t solve that!’ and then going on to wrestle with something else is the commonest attitude of all and is manifestly no good.

We are not advocating atheism either, which is only another argument and quite fruitless at that. We are merely suggesting that the human brain is unable to conceive of anything more wonderful than itself.

A look at the state of society today should be sufficient evidence of how marvellous we are!

(This entry sent to Richard Dawkins, author of The God Delusion, on 22.07.07)


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