Overpopulation is the Problem

WG to Professor Jack Bennett & Fred Powledge 10 March 2007
Subject: Overpopulation is the Problem - in the US Journal Bioscience Feb 2007
That overpopulation is humankind’s greatest problem today must be obvious to all but the most defiantly ignorant. The inability to acknowledge it fully and completely and to remain ‘in denial,’ is attributable to a taboo surrounding the future-dreaming of the ravenous womb. Equally accountable, though, is the pusillanimity of the male, the ‘wee, timorous beastie,’ too timid to ‘bell the cat;’ his sense of self is all too liable to atrophy if he has to face life alone, a likely outcome should he renege on what is at its core the son’s pledge to return to the mother. Humanity therefore never matures beyond nursery-centred dreams, devastating the habitat as it proceeds, as is at last becoming widely known. Dramatic no doubt, but be it acknowledged that the shiny drama of sex in the movement towards copulation is at the overheated heart of society; everyone is encouraged to dwell on it, even into advanced old age. Money circulates because of it and it is felt to be the ultimate fount of joy, exciting beyond words. Where or indeed what, if anything, would we all be without it?

Since the habitable surface area of the earth does not conveniently enlarge to accommodate the excesses of human loving, this pseudo-species of ours, undeniably the most intelligent creature ever to strut the earth, yet lacking the now urgently necessary self-control, is creating a future of catastrophic culling in the various well-publicized forms such as epidemic disease, climatic disaster and mass murder. So much for the sentimental dreams of romance conditioning! Since all of this is only too well known to us all, though it may be ignored or even scoffed at by many or by most, and given the plain unattractiveness of celibacy, how do we move from here?

What seems to be trying to suggest itself, and being consistently rejected over the centuries, is a further mutation, from the state of pseudo-species to a complete acknowledgement of the non-metaphysical and absolutely straightforward nature of reality. Rather too simple for science or religion, this. Enthusiasm for such investigation quickly sours, owing to a preference for suffering out our dreams, whether we have secured comfortable positions in society or are struggling to survive in it. However regarded, it’s a dead end, isn’t it? The meantime promises to be very mean indeed.

W. Galaxi


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