Stress, Overpopulation & Quantophrenia

One cannot fail to notice the worldwide preoccupation with figures, arithmetic, statistics, percentages: quantophrenia. Its adherents apparently love to compile lists and tables, illustrating specific problems of humanity in numerical form and they are keen to keep sending these lists out to others in an attempt to convince everyone that action must be taken. The recipients, however, are not nearly so interested in such lists; they are constantly being bombarded with details from almost every direction, and are mostly occupied just coping with their own problems.

There surely exists already a certain global awareness of that ever-growing, stifling pressure of people upon each other and the land, which we call overpopulation; what seems to be lacking is the kind of mutual acknowledgement that could create a respite, an easing up of the pressure, a psychic breathing space, an opportunity for a totally different way of being. However, it is a most difficult realisation that acknowledgement begins at home, that is, with awareness itself. Our creaturely pattern is always to reach out and expand, trying vainly to make more and more of the objective world acceptable to our own sensibility. Each of us must ourself be the much-needed transformation centre, because any attempt to transform externally simply compounds the pressure.


Why is acknowledgement of overpopulation taboo? Because ultimately, the cause of it—sex—is completely private (thank g0odness!) so that the most people can do is complain about the state of things, rather than be clear about it. At least in public. Nowhere amongst all the concerns expressed for and against overpopulation have the editors of ES seen it brought down to this fundamental point: lust. No, that would seem too simplistic, even rude. It would be like telling an obese person that they are fat! Lust is the principle that overrides everything else, including this: the enormous burden it really is to be a body, not to mention the huge demands each one makes on its environment. This is the fundamental acknowledgement that needs to be made, then there is the chance for grace.




Reversing Slang with Dr Strabismus

Let’s start with a word that has been in use since the 13th century — ‘gay.’ It means carefree and happy, and the saying of the word captures something of this quality. Unfortunately, this little sound-byte has fallen victim to political correctness, and has been imbued with a sexual significance which is not intrinsic and which dulls its original lustre.

So far has the process of deterioration gone, that the latest slang usage is equivalent to ‘trashy,’ which shows how a really nice little word can be thoroughly rubbished. Does it matter? One factor against the twisting of ‘gay’ to mean what it doesn't, is that there is no discernible humour in the exercise, and slang without humour is simply uninteresting.



Proposition: Man is a pseudo-species. Discuss

Elektrische Kurze

Our German expert explains: (Unser Deutscher Experte erklärt:)
Design: Entwurfen, um automatische Gehirnimpulse und Reaktionen kurzzuschließen.
Übertragende Energie: Verringertes Stärkefeld der routinemäßigen, geistlichen Aktivität. Dieses entschärft hoch angespannte Produktion, was den Lebensstrom erlaubt, neue Dimensionen zu erleuchten.
Kapazität: Keine Grenzen gesetzt.
Anwendung: Ohne Vorbehalte, universal. Strom des menschlich-magnetischen Widerstandes ist umgewandelt in den Fluß von reiner Gegenwart.
Wert: Mühelos, nicht verringernde, erleuchtende Quelle. Zugang über Selbstklarstellung.
Garantie: Unmittelbare Lieferung, keine Verpflichtung, aktive Teilnahme.


Self-Appointed Victims

SAVs declare that the universe is powered by victims. The great blaze of the universe is the victor and everything else has to suffer for it. At least half the British population are officially classed as eligible for Victim Benefit and a further quarter can claim Victim Status. In fact, it must be a very tiny percentage of people who do not feel themselves to be a victim of some sort. Non-Victims are now a threatened minority.


Towards Perfect Manners

All manners actually derive from the Court (cf. 'courtesy'). To the argument that not everyone could possibly be expected to have courtly manners, the reply must be, "Just try a little bit." Results could be delightful!


In the UK, why do ladies apparently outnumber gentlemen by more than a thousand to one?

Ladies and gentlemen.....’ these titles are complementary, go together, so to speak. You cannot have the one without the other, yet the male part of the set is almost taboo today. Oddly, the term ‘lady’ is in vigorous use - leading lady, cleaning lady, tea lady, lollipop lady; long is the list of female roles which have the honorific suffixed to their simple job-descriptions. However, the usage has now become ubiquitous and adult females are commonly referred to as ‘ladies.’ ‘Why don’t you ask that lady over there.’ or ‘I’ll get you one of the ladies from Accounts...’ And when these special people go to the loo, as they must, they enter via a door marked ‘ladies,’ whereas those of the opposite sex know that they must head for the door marked, simply, ‘men.’