The Study of Consciousness

The marvellous clarity of the study illuminates and dissipates all problems. No more (k)nots!

The Problem of Death

Death and dying are problems pertaining to the onlooker.
As to what death and dying
are, clearly this is for the nature of inbeing itself to discover and this nature is always centred on its own actuality. So death is found to be an intimate matter beyond the reach of 'others'.


What We Are

Here's something for anyone with identity problems:-
"Where there is neither positive nor negative, being nor non-being, appearance nor void, subject nor object, there must be identity. But identity cannot perceive itself—and that is what we are." Open Secret by Wei Wu Wei, p 118.


Winged Retirement

Wanders o'er the planet,
Breathes the exotic air,

Pines for a cosy household;
Fair winds, fresh streams—
A bed of rough granite.

(In this riddle lies the Solution to the Problem of the Ages.)


So Who's to Blame?

The culprit that has to be nabbed is the one who indulges in the idea that something is wrong.


Humanity: What is it?

The elaboration of a lost cause.


And What About Birth?

Birth is a very poor idea. If you are born, you have to pay for it for the rest of your life; a price which eventually everyone feels is too much!

The Theatre of Religion

All religion stems from oratory.
Have you noticed that religion is entirely theatrical, however austerely enacted? So, it's not God that's important, but the people who organise, expound and practise the belief.
Mankind is the Religion of Flesh.